West Coast Swing Music and Dancing in Phoenix

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Joseph Ivy, West Coast Swing DJ
What can I say? I am an avid West Coast Swing dancer from the Phoenix metropolitan area. Although I've been dancing since I was a child, I only started dancing West Coast Swing in 2003. Around that time, I found a local West Coast Swing dance club full of great, friendly people. I became a regular volunteer at that club offering my service as a DJ, techie, and laborer. Lately, I've been going to Desert City Swing's Sunday night West Coast Swing dance.

West Coast Swing is a partner social dance that can be danced in a 4x6 foot slot. It is danced to everything from blues to hip hop music ranging from 90 to 125 beats per minute. Rather than trying to describe West Coast Swing at length, let me refer you to a few of my favorite YouTube videos.

So, that's modern West Coast Swing. I've been asked to post video of myself dancing, but I don't have any. There are some competition videos out there with me in them, but they are not "mine" to post. Maybe I'll bring a camera out to Desert City Swing's Sunday night West Coast Swing dance sometime. There are a few paths that you can take from here.

Check out my West Coast Swing DJ Music

I've been volunteering my services as a West Coast Swing Disc Jockey for a couple of local clubs for the last few years. A few other DJs have asked me to share music lists with them, but I haven't really had the time to do that. However, I can export my playlist to my website after each event. So, I've decided to do that instead. If you are looking for my West Coast Swing DJ music playlists, click here.

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